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Reports and Surveys

These reports and surveys directly effect our ability to provide your grant. It is imperative that they be filled out and submitted

Baseline Report Complete Due: 5/1/2018
5 Month Attendance Report Click to Upload Due: 10/1/2018
5 Month Progress Report Click to Complete Due: 10/1/2018
10 Month Attendance Report Available 2/1/2018 Due: 3/1/2018
10 Month Progress Report Available 2/1/2018 Due: 3/1/2018
Renewal Application Available After 10 Reports Are Accepted Due 4/1/2018

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Through years of listening to the needs of America’s wounded heroes, CAL has created a program that truly embodies the physical demands, comradery and accountability that veterans experienced in the military; while helping them transition to their lives post service. Through our Squad Leader program, Warrior Weekend events, and Vet Out Reach calls, CAL is bridging the gap between veterans and civilians through fitness, while ensuring each veteran is getting a program tailored to their needs.