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America's Veterans’ share their journey from the battlefields to back home throughout 2021. They left the battlefield and now back home, they have found a new purpose to serve once again.

Each month, a Veteran Everyday Hero will share stories of service then and now, podcast episodes, tips and videos pertaining to one of CAL’s monthly awareness focuses.

July: Alive Day

Alive Days, for members of our military, are the anniversaries of the date a combat veteran nearly died in service to our nation. A majority of the veterans served as part of the Catch A Lift mission have an Alive Day. This month we’ll be sharing information and resources for honoring these days.

For veterans, an Alive Day may serve as a reminder of the loss of their old way of life, and the need to adapt to a life that may now include physical or invisible scars. While some choose to celebrate this day, others may still be processing the loss of not only their old way of life, but also the loss of their fellow service members, and may find the day filled with sadness and grief.


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APRIL Alcohol Awareness

April explores Alcohol Awareness and our Veterans. Alcohol misuse frequently occurs among a substantial proportion of combat veterans.

Data suggest that alcohol misuse occurs among a substantial number of veterans who are exposed to combat-related traumatic stress and highlight the importance of understanding the relationships between stressful military experiences (e.g., combat and military sexual trauma) and alcohol misuse.*


MARCH Women Veterans

The women’s veteran community is one of power, encouragement and resilience. From the battlefield to back home, these women band together to continue their heroic legacy, together. Let these women tell you some inspiring moments from their time in CAL’s Women's Fitness Initiative:

We've spoken candidly to three of our Women Veterans. They open up to discuss women in the military, leadership, and lessons learned.


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