For more than a decade Catch A Lift, a non-profit organization, has lifted spirits and saved lives, providing combat veterans an array of holistic and practical methods to heal the whole person—mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The program was founded in memory of Cpl. Christopher Coffland, US Army who died in Afghanistan. Chris’ phrase, “I’m gonna catch a lift,” indicated he was literally heading to the gym, but more importantly, it really meant he was going to get centered, refocused and re-energized.

The Catch A Lift program helps combat vets find new focus and a new energy by facilitating their embrace of a new, thoughtful, and healthy lifestyle founded on core pillars: Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional Wellness, and Community. Fellow veteran leaders, mentors, and coaches adapt the program to accommodate for individual abilities and attitudes.

These four pillars are the cornerstones of our work. To sustain the foundation of this vital life-changing program, Catch A Lift has established the Pillars Society, for those who recognize the impact of our work, and share the same compassion and gratefulness for veterans who have sacrificed so much for all of us.

We are asking that Pillars Society members pledge a minimum of $1000 annually so that we can help veterans help themselves.

Vets regain purpose through the Catch A Lift program. They stave off addictions, dangerous weight gain and debilitating depression. By fostering a reliance on forward movement, renewed personal energy, and the goal of joining and serving a broader community, vets find their own life-saving purpose they then share with others.

To date, CAL has funded more than 8,600 wellness grants, providing a real, practical and profound recognition for their service and sacrifice.

Pillars Society Members

Members of the Pillars Society will support the continuity and expansion of programs that demonstrate a shared appreciation for and commitment to our combat wounded veterans. In recognition of that commitment, Pillar Society members will:

  • Be named in the Pillars Society web page on the Catch A Lift Website.
  • Be recognized co-hosts of each live and virtual event, and identified when present.
  • Receive exclusive and concise communications relative to the impact of their membership in the Society.

Email Lynn Coffland, Founder, and ask about the Pillars Society or join now below.