Thank you for your inquiry about joining the Catch A Lift (CAL) Program.

Due to the challenging times COVID has presented to us, we needed to make the difficult decision to freeze new applications from March 19th 2021 thru January 17th 2021. 

This has enabled us to work with our existing members to fulfill their grants as best as possible, during these unprecedented circumstances. 

If you would like to apply to Catch A Lift Fund (CAL) you may do so Monday January 25th 2021. 


Who can apply January 25th 2021?

Any Combat Injured Veteran who deployed with the U.S. Armed Forces & sustained combat injuries with a rating of 50% and above, can apply to the Wellness Program year round.

In addition to the Wellness Program, Veterans that served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan & sustained combat injuries with a rating of 50% and above, can be eligible to receive a CAL Grant with a choice of home equipment or gym membership is possible. Limited openings to this part of the CAL grant are offered 2 x (twice) a year with restricted openings (details to be announced). 

The Wellness Program is offered year round. It provides supports in our 4 Core Pillars-Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional Wellness & Community through:

  • Coaching, mentorship and accountability provided by CAL veteran/civilian staff & volunteers.
  • Motivational support through Weekly text inspiration, Outreach Calls & more.
  • Community connection through events & other Veterans nationwide
  • A personalized online dashboard for easy access to CAL information, which includes:
  • Full access to the Landing Zone. A proprietary online wellness platform for every wellness discipline.
  • LiveStream weekly podcast hosted by Veteran Coaches featuring Veteran guests
  • CAL Fitness App

The CAL Grant is optional & is offered to post 9/11 combat wounded Veterans that were combat injured in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, with a VA rating of 50% and above. Eligibility to receive a CAL Grant for home equipment or gym membership  is in addition to the Wellness Program. The grant is offered 2x a year with limited openings.

MORE INFO will follow as we open up applications January 25th 2021.

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Ryan Betts, USArmy
Tyler Anderson, USArmy