You are applying for the Catch A Lift Fund, “CAL” Programs.

3rd Application Cycle opens 9/1/2021 with 100 openings. 


Who is eligible for the Wellness/ Grant Program? 

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, who deployed Post 9-11, served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan (OIF,OEF,OND) & sustained combat related injuries with a VA rating of 50% (with a minimum of 30% in one combat related injury) and above, reside in the United States, can apply. 

Once you are preliminarily approved, you will have an interview with a Veteran Coach and if final approval is granted, you will have immediate access to the Wellness Program.

The Wellness Program:

  • Coaching, mentorship, and accountability provided by CAL veteran/civilian staff & volunteers
  • Motivational support
  • Weekly text inspiration
  • Outreach calls & more
  • Nationwide events that connect you with other veterans
  • A personalized online dashboard for easy access to CAL information
  • Full access to the Landing Zone – a proprietary online wellness platform for every wellness discipline
  • Live stream weekly podcast hosted by Veteran Coaches featuring Veteran guests
  • CAL Fitness App

The Grant Program:

(Post 9-11 Veterans) In addition to the Wellness Program, if you wish to receive a grant for a gym membership or home equipment, each applicant’s eligibility is accessed within a 3 month period of your entry into the Wellness Program.  At that time, grants will be determined upon available funding AND successful participation in the Wellness Program.

  • If you do not upload the required documents your application is considered incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until proper documentation is provided.
  • All submitted applications will receive an immediate confirmation email.


All Veterans will need the following documents when applying:

  1. Your DD214: (blocked out SS#)
    (in an electronic file – PDF is required) Your DD214 should reflect your time deployed in OIF/OEF/OND.
    • Your VA % Narrative Letter:
      (This is a breakdown explanation of injuries from the VA. It must be in an electronic file – PDF is required).
    • Your E Benefits % breakdown.  
  3. Photo (This can be a current or in-country photo. .jpg file preferred).
  4. If you have an eligible Caregiver:
    Name, Address, Phone, Caregiver certification.

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Ryan Betts, USArmy
Tyler Anderson, USArmy