The Application process is currently on HOLD due to the COVID-19 situation that is affecting our funding. 

We will reassess on July 15th, as progress is made in all of our communities.

Stay healthy and safe! 


The are 2 PROGRAMS Veterans are ELIGIBLE to Apply for:

Program 1: The Landing Zone (LZ) Program

What is the LZ? As a member of the Landing Zone (LZ) Program, Veterans who apply will be given unlimited access to their own dashboard for the Landing Zone. The LZ is a complete guide to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. This allows you to start your fitness journey now without the need for a fitness membership or equipment. The Landing Zone is updated monthly, providing new information that will be available to you as a member. Information in the LZ includes recipes, meal planning tips, wellness-based challenges, body-weight workouts and access to our CAL community and more. 

Requirements:  Any combat deployed Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces is eligible to be a member of Catch A Lift Fund’s Landing Zone. To apply, please fill out the Grant Application using the APPLY ONLINE button at the bottom of the page. Your application and documents will be assessed within 30 days and you will be sent an email with information and directions for beginning your membership in the Landing Zone.

Program 2: The CAL Grant Program

PLEASE BE AWARE there is CURRENTLY AN 18 MONTH WAIT TIME. Why? Because a grant can be renewed for successful veteran members year to year & funding has not caught up with the demand of new applicants.  

What is the CAL Grant Program?  The CAL Grant Program will provide post 9/11 combat wounded Veterans with either a membership to the fitness facility of their choosing, or in home gym equipment. You can apply for either;  if you need help deciding a CAL Fitness Coach can help determine the best fit based on your goals or injuries The Landing Zone is for all members.

Requirements: The CAL Grant Program is for Veterans who served in the post 9/11 OEF/OIF wars in Iraq or Afghanistan (other areas such as Kuwait are considered on a case by case basis), were injured in combat ( PTSD is a combat injury) and are rated by the VA at 50% or above for combat injuries. At least one combat injury has to be rated at 30% or higher with the cumulative rating for combat injuries being 50% or greater.

Catch A Lift Fund’s Grant Program is a two part application

  1. Application form and 3 pieces of documentation submitted
  2. Video Interview with a CAL Fitness Coach

Once necessary documentation has been reviewed and if you are found to fit our Grant Program requirements, you will be emailed and given directions to move on to the Interview portion of our application process. In the Interview portion of our application process, you will meet, via Google Hangouts or Facetime with a CAL Fitness Coach (and fellow Veteran), who will assess your commitment to the program. Veterans will be approved by both their documentation and their interview assessment.

Post 9/11 Veterans who want to apply for the Grant Program will need to fill out the application using the APPLY ONLINE button at the bottom of the page.

The application will prompt you to upload the following:

  1. A photo of yourself (either current or in service)
  2. Your DD214 which shows your service in Iraq or Afghanistan via an Iraq Campaign Medal, an Afghanistan Campaign Medal, a Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, or service dates listed in Iraq or Afghanistan. 
  3. A VA document or screenshot of your ebenefits page which shows EACH individual injury and your rating for EACH individual injury. An overall rating letter will not be accepted.
  4. Any Veteran with a Purple Heart from Iraq or Afghanistan will fit preliminary requirements and be able to go on to the interview process.  

Apply Online

Ryan Betts, USArmy
Tyler Anderson, USArmy