Wellness Group 14 has been filled.

We will begin accepting applications for our next group on July 1st, 2024. To be reminded when applications reopen, please leave your email below.

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Who is eligible for the Wellness/Grant Program?

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, who were deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan (OIF, OEF, OND) & sustained combat-related injuries with a VA rating of 50% and above (with a minimum of 30% in one combat-related injury), reside in the Continental United States, Hawaii or Alaska, can apply.

All Veterans will need the following documents when applying:

  1. Your DD214: (blocked out SS#)
    (in an electronic file – PDF file required) Your DD214 must reflect your time deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan OIF/OEF/OND. 

    • Please note Global War on Terrorism expeditionary medals or Global War on Terrorism service medals alone do not prove service in Iraq or Afghanistan. You must provide additional documentation showing boots on the ground service in Iraq and or Afghanistan.
    • Additional Documentation could be but is not limited to, deployment papers, flight logs, combat action badges, combat infantryman badges, etc.
  2. Injury information:
    • Your VA % Narrative Letter:
      (This is a breakdown explanation of injuries from the VA. It must be in an electronic file – PDF is required).
  3. Photo (This can be a current or in-country photo .jpg file preferred). Please note you should NOT send graphic images of combat incidents of injury.
  4. VA-eligible Caregiver:
    • VA Caregivers are considered for the program to assist the veteran while performing exercises if needed. You must submit the following: Name, Address, Phone, and Caregiver certification when applying. (Caregivers considered for a grant must be VA-certified caregivers with the appropriate accreditation, which is submitted yearly.)

  Upload all required documents so we can process your application swiftly and correctly!

 Additional Member Benefits:

  • One-on-one coaching in an 8-week program with your choice of a specific wellness discipline
  • Coaching, mentorship, and accountability provided by veteran coaches
  • Motivational support
  • Weekly text inspiration
  • Outreach calls
  • Opportunities to nationwide events that connect you with other veterans
  • A personalized online dashboard for easy access to CAL information
  • Full access to the Landing Zone – a proprietary online wellness platform for every wellness discipline
  • Vet Connect- a private community social platform
  • Programming through(Strengthlete & SUGARWOD)
Ryan Betts, USArmy
Tyler Anderson, USArmy