If you are interested in applying to the

Catch A Lift program,   Follow the 4 Steps below. . .


Step #1: Eligibility Requirements

  • Live within the United States
  • Any military branch combat injured veteran post 9-11 who served in active combat duty in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • Applicant must be rated with a minimum of 30% IN ONE INJURY rated by the VA with a combined rating of no less than 50%
  • Medically or honorably discharged or retired.
  • One or any of combat badges or ribbons representing combat duty: Purple Heart, OEF/OIF Badge, Iraq Campaign Medal, Afghanistan.
  • Applicant rated at 70% or above by the VA and has a caregiver, the caregiver may apply for the program along with veteran to assist them.

Step #2: Required Documents

The following documents are required  and need to be uploaded when you fill out your application. Have these items prepared prior to beginning. 

  • Copy of DD-214 with your social security # blacked out showing post 9/11 combat deployments to Iraq and/or Afghanistan (OIF, OEF). One or any of combat badges or ribbons representing combat duty or a Purple Heart.
  • VA Narrative % Rating Letter–This is the VA explanation papers with your % rating containing an explanation of each injury. Your generic service connected % cover letter is not acceptable. Minimum of 30% IN ONE INJURY rated by the VA with a combined rating of no less than 50%.Documentation that does not list the breakdown of your ratings will not be accepted as it does not meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Photograph of applicant in service or current photograph. NO SELFIES.
  • If requesting caregiver membership;
    • Applying veteran must be rated 70% or greater to be eligible for a caregiver membership
    • Documentation for VA certified caregiver
      • VA Certified Caregiver Certificate, stipend or Caregiver ID Card
    • A 100-word minimum letter of why it is necessary for you to have a caregiver accompany you to the gym

STEP #3: What to expect after Applying

  • You will receive a confirmation email that your application was received
  • Within 30 days you will receive an email with your approval into the program or if not approved, an email with the reasons why your application was not accepted.
  • Once accepted into the Catch A Lift Program, you are eligabile for resources within the program, i.e. coaching, nutrition, motivational connections, mentors, events,  regardless of your fitness grant wait time.
  • Upon approval in the CAL program, the wait is contingent on funding availability and donations. Your approval letter will contain program wait times.
  • All applications are reviewed on a case by case basis, subject to the criteria established by the CAL Board of Directors.
  • For any questions email: ssturtevant@catchaliftfund.com 

                                                      STEP #4:

Apply Online


Ryan Betts, USArmy
Tyler Anderson, USArmy