Our Team

The Catch A Lift Team shares the mission that through fitness each person can reach their highest potential both mentally and physically. We are dedicated to support our veteran community, so that each can heal and live healthy, productive lives to their fullest potential.

“Shake off any dust that may accumulate from stagnation of purpose.” CJC- KIA 11.13.2009

Lynn Coffland
President & Founder
Email: lynn@catchaliftfund.com
Katelyn Thompson
Senior Director
Email: katelyn@catchaliftfund.com
Kristine Sandoval
Events Coordinator
Email: ksandoval@catchaliftfund.com
Laurie Mancina
Gym & Facility Coordinator
Email: lmancina@catchaliftfund.com
Darin Winick
Veteran Program Coordinator
Coffland Hero Challenge Coordinator
Email: dwinick@catchaliftfund.com
Meghan Burke
Social Media
Veteran Program Coordinator
Email: mburke@catchaliftfund.com
Susan Sturtevant
Veteran & Volunteer Outreach
Email: ssturtevant@catchaliftfund.com
Susanne Kennedy
Veteran Outreach
Email: susanne@catchaliftfund.com
Tyler Gant
Sergeant USMC

SE Regional Lead
Email: tgant@catchaliftfund.com
Rob Fessock
US Army MAJ (ret.)

Grant Coordinator
Email: rfessock@catchaliftfund.com
Joseph Hamilton
US Army Ret.

Program Manager
Email: jhamilton@catchaliftfund.com
Lynne Mallon
CAL Ambassador
Email: lmallon@catchaliftfund.com
Melissa Leuck
US Army

Member Coach/Mentor Lead & Women’s Fitness Initiative Lead
Email: mleuck@catchaliftfund.com
Matt Leyva US Army
Member Coach/Mentor
Interview Trainer
Email: mleyva@catchaliftfund.com
Jason Smith US Army
Member Coach/Mentor
Email: jsmith@catchaliftfund.com
David Leuck
Member Coach/Mentor
Home Gym Specialist
Email: dleuck@catchaliftfund.com
Don Wright US Army
Member Coach/Mentor
Email: dwright@catchaliftfund.com
Sarah Rudder USMC
CAL Ambassador
Email: srudder@catchaliftfund.com
Will Irving USMC
Member Coach/Mentor
Email: wirving@catchaliftfund.com
Brittney Berlin
Nutrition/Food Blogger
Email: bberlin@catchaliftfund.com
Jason Livingston
US Army

Member Coach/Mentor
Email: jlivingston@catchaliftfund.com