“Pay It Forward” Program


We know the bond between your brothers and sisters in arms did not end when you retired your uniform. Ever day more veterans like you apply to the CAL program to find that missing sense of camaraderie. Our Pay It Forward program is an opportunity for veterans to support each other as they travel on their journey towards fitness and health.

The CAL program is designed to help our Veteran members regain strength, confidence and health. As you grow and reach your goals we know that your restored strength can help a fellow brother or sister get started.

You can become an ambassador for CAL at any point during your membership. In order to provide as many grants as possible to as many vets as we can, we require participation in the Pay It Forward program for consideration of your Year 3 grant application.  This allows us to continue to to serve thousands of Veterans across the country for years to come.

For details on the Pay It Forward program and how you can contribute, please click the ‘Pay It Forward’ button in your member dashboard.