You may be able to make your charitable dollars go further by donating appreciated securities, such as publicly traded stock, bonds, or mutual fund shares to a qualified charity such as Catch A Lift Fund, Christopher Coffland Memorial Fund, Inc. Appreciated securities are investments that have increased in value from the time they were purchased. By taking advantage of certain IRS tax incentives, you can claim a charitable tax deduction for the full, fair market value of the securities, and pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.


  • To ensure that gift is properly credited, please contact Catch A Lift prior to your transfer.
  • To take full advantage of the tax benefits, give securities you have owned for longer than one year. Your charitable deduction for securities that you have held for less than a year will be limited to the amount you paid (your costs basis) for the securities.
  • Do not sell appreciated stock before making your donation. IRS will impose capital gains tax on your sale eliminating the benefits of this way of giving, even if you donate the proceeds of the sale.
  • If you wish to donate depreciated securities, sell the assets first and contribute cash.

Stock Instructions transfer:
Electronic delivery
Depository Trust Company (DTC)

ID #0793 for credit to:
Catch A Lift Fund/Christopher Coffland Memorial Fund Inc.
Account# 2401-3877 at
Capital Bank
One Church St. Suite 300
Rockville MD 20850

Mail Physical Stock Certificates to:
Catch A Lift Fund
Attn: Lynn Coffland
2066 York Road Suite 205A
Timonium MD 21093