Pay It Forward Requirement

Great job this year!

We want to take a moment and congratulate you on your success in the CAL program! We hope that the wellness grant provided by CAL has helped improve your physical and psychological fitness and fostered a more healthy lifestyle.

US Army Cpl. Chris Coffland (COFF), for which CAL was started in memory of, would be stoked to know you “catch a lift,” a phrase he coined when hitting the weights, in whatever capacity you find fitness to be part of your life. He believed in fitness as the key to mental and physical growth must be a part of a person’s daily regimen.

To date CAL has given thousands of grants to OEF/OIF combat injured veterans .

CAL membership is for a lifetime. This includes the Landing Zone (full fitness and health resources) which is accessed through your private dashboard, remote access to CAL coaches, motivational support and community.

Grants that pay for fitness memberships in a variety of facilities or home equipment purchase, are for approved OEF/OIF combat injured veterans meeting specific requirements.

CAL has continued to grow at an unprecedented rate since our inception back in 2010 and in addition to new veterans applying daily, successful members like yourself request renewals of your grant daily as well. CAL is proud and honored to provide both but please note, year to year grants are not guaranteed.

To ensure that the CAL program can reach as many veterans as possible, and to reduce wait times for new & renewing members, we have launched the Pay It Forward program. Please see below for details.

For your fellow brothers and sisters…join us to Pay It Forward.

What is Pay It Forward?

CAL is asking all our current grant members to “Pay It Forward”. Through this program, CAL grant members can help us support their brothers and sisters who are struggling while waiting to get started in the program.

Here’s how it works:

By using fundraising tools and ideas (that CAL can provide to you) Pay It Forward asks that you meet a specific fundraising goal (depending on how long you have been in the program) to help offset the cost of your continued grant. The most common and natural way is to initiate and secure a gym fundraiser at your local facility or a CrossFit Box, Spin Class, Yoga Studio etc.

To make this requirement as painless as possible, we have created the Coffland Hero Challenge Program. This program includes a simple online signup, t-shirts and easy to follow rules and instructions. 1, 2, 3… easy! Facilities are very receptive to the fundraisers, especially when presented by a successful member like yourself.

Other fundraising opportunities include Facebook Birthday Campaigns, 5k’s, local restaurant nights, merchandise sales, etc. You can be as creative as you want to be

How can I raise funds to Pay It Forward with CAL?

All materials, marketing and and social media packages are provided.


1) Talk to your gym or a local facility in your area about hosting a Coffland Hero Challenge. To register your gym for The Coffland Hero Challenge or get more information, please email

2) Make a Facebook birthday fundraisers or CrowdRise page for an event you may be participating in such as a 5k, Spartan Race, Go Rick etc.

3) Local school or sports team fundraisers (Lift-A-Thons, Dodgeball tournament, etc.)

4) CAL merchandise sales; get your friends and family to purchase CAL Gear on our website.

5) If you or another family member works for a company that matches charitable donations, talk to them about matching your Pay It Forward fundraiser to double your contribution!

6) Volunteer opportunities are also available if your personal situation prohibits you from participating in the fund raising requirement.

Get creative! If you can think of a great way to spread awareness and raise funds, we love new ideas!