Position: Marketing and Graphics Design Specialist

Location: Remote, but a local candidate is highly desired
10-20 hours per week

Why You’ll Flourish With Us:

Driving Transformation: As our Marketing and Graphics Design expert, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping our events, veteran programs, and brand messaging. Your work will drive our mission forward and make a tangible impact.

Artistry Meets Impact: You won’t just be designing; you’ll be creating visuals that inspire change and connection. Your designs will shape our donor and supporter relationships and contribute to the success of our events.

Flexible Work Environment: Enjoy the convenience of working from home or at our office in Timonium, MD. This hybrid approach offers you the best of both worlds.

Collaborative Growth: Work closely with our Executive Team, drawing on their insights while infusing your own creative vision. This is a space where your ideas will thrive.

Dynamic Challenges: In this role, expect excitement and variety as you contribute to our dynamic and high-energy environment. Your creativity will shine under pressure.

A Peek at Your Role:

As our Marketing and Graphics Design Specialist, you’ll collaborate with our Executive Team to shape CAL’s visual identity. From crafting engaging event materials to devising impactful communication strategies, your creative flair will drive our mission.

Your Responsibilities:

Visual Brilliance: Create compelling layouts for events and veteran program marketing. Your designs will capture our mission’s essence through captivating visuals, including event programs, web banners, and more.

Digital Impact: Translate our brand into visual graphics for product illustrations, logos, and website elements. Your designs will be integral to our digital presence.

Tech Savvy: Utilize tools like Canva, Adobe, MailChimp, and Google Suites to craft fresh and innovative images that resonate with our audience.

Collaborative Excellence: Seamlessly integrate copy and graphics in collaboration with our Executive Team and external vendors to deliver effective messaging.

Email Wizardry: Take the lead in managing MailChimp, crafting impactful email communications for events, donors, and supporters.

Creative Support: Extend your design expertise to other departments, meeting their visual needs with finesse.

Word Craftsmanship: Craft captivating content for our collateral materials to complement your design work.

Your Qualifications:

Deadline-Oriented: Thrive under deadlines while maintaining attention to detail in a fast-paced environment.

Design Expertise: Showcase 2-4 years of graphic design experience, displaying your creative prowess.

Tech Proficiency: Excel in tools like Google Suites, Canva, MailChimp, Adobe, and other essential software.

Creative Agility: Adapt quickly, translating ideas into compelling visuals efficiently.

Feedback Friendly: Collaborate willingly and absorb feedback from our Executive Team to enhance your designs.

Communication Skills: Demonstrate excellent grammar and writing abilities to produce engaging content.

Organizational Acumen: Manage projects with efficiency and precision, maintaining order amidst complexity.

Independent Contributor: Thrive working independently while welcoming guidance when needed.

Quick Creativity: Generate ideas and execute edits swiftly and effectively.

Ready to merge your creativity with purpose? Don’t miss this opportunity! Send your resume to cal@catchaliftfund.com and become a part of Catch A Lift Fund’s impactful journey.