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Melaine Hinton – Before & After

Coach Jason has been amazing so far with the  Catch a Lift Program. From the beginning he has listened to my concerns, as like each of us, we are all unique in our capacity.  He individualized my program for me.. gave me pointers and assistance where I needed help, and answered any question.  He was available when I needed help.

My journey to lose weight, regain my health, reduce my pain, maintain control over mental health, and attempt to keep up with my children, and participate in life… have each been valuable motivators in getting through each day.
I’ve needed to keep in touch with each of my doctors along the way, physical and mental.. keeping them informed of symptoms and asking questions about any concerns I’ve had. They’ve had to change some medications along the way, to help with my goals.
Everyone has to keep an open honest repertoire you know. Working together… in all things.
Catch a Lift is amazing with their program.  I needed accountability to start with.  People that were going through the same thing as I was at the same time in real life in my situation. And this was it!!! This was what I was looking for. I receive emails and texts and (I’m a behind the scene type of person so, this is how I work anyway) I see these, and it prompts me to get busy.  These are my reminders without someone in front of me increasingly irritating me and I have to feel disappointed in myself looking at them everyday.
This program works guys!! It works.  The psychology behind it works.
Allow them to work with you!!   This is a great team with great experience!! And they listen.