Position: Operations Assistant

Location: Hybrid but must be able to come to Timonium office 3 days a week.
Travel to events is required. (full-time)

Why This Role Is Your Next Big Step:

  • Driving Purpose: As an Operations Assistant reporting to the President, you’ll be an integral part of the engine propelling our mission forward. Your administrative finesse will shape our effectiveness and help uplift our veterans.
  • Leadership Alignment: Work hand in hand with our President, managing administrative tasks, scheduling, project management, and communication. Your efforts will directly contribute to our leadership’s success.
  • Impactful Insights: From research on promotional materials to managing inventory, you’ll be the driving force behind making informed decisions that optimize our operations and outreach.
  • Relationship Mastery: As the liaison between the President and operations contractors, you’ll master relationship management and streamline communication for seamless collaboration.
  • Creative Contribution: Craft emails, polish grants, and bolster the President’s social media presence. Your creativity and precision will amplify our voice.
  • Event Engagement: Capture moments, attend events, and curate a visual repository that boosts revenue opportunities and enhances program descriptions.

Qualifications We’re Looking For:

  • Proactive: Be the driving force behind identifying gaps, plugging them with your proactive approach, and anticipating the needs of both the President and the organization.
  • Lightning Response: Demonstrate swift responsiveness, ensuring tasks move forward quickly and precisely.
  • Thorough Craftsman: Leave no stone unturned – your attention to detail will set the bar for quality.
  • People Person: Forge relationships seamlessly, being pleasant while managing interactions effectively.
  • Feedback Enthusiast: Embrace feedback and apply it to elevate your performance and our outcomes continuously.
  • Entrepreneurial Insight: Exhibit a knack for seeing opportunities and filling gaps, contributing to the organization’s growth with your resourceful approach.

Your Responsibilities in a Glance:

  • Efficiently manage all administrative tasks for the President, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Take charge of scheduling, note-taking, follow-up actions, and project management.
  • Conduct research and present options for promotional materials and clothing inventory.
  • Oversee inventory levels and alert the President when supplies are low.
  • Serve as the key point of contact for operations contractors, bridging communication with the President.
  • Craft emails, edit grants, and support the President’s social media presence.
  • Attend events, capture photographs, and build a visual repository for revenue generation and program descriptions.
  • Attend meetings on behalf of the President to amplify our impact.

Qualifications We Require:

  • Proven track record of 12 months or less in an assistant role, showcasing your effectiveness.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, coupled with strong listening abilities.
  • Savviness with computers and a knack for mastering various software.

Discover how your skills can make an impact – explore event details and locations on our website. Your opportunity to shape change is here – let’s embark on this mission together!

Ready to play a vital role in our mission? Send your resume to cal@catchaliftfund.com and be the driving force behind Catch A Lift Fund’s transformational journey.