Sammie Braswell

Major US Army

I have been a member of CAL for two years now. The first year my wife and I joined a gym through CAL. Even though the gym has closed we made friendships with people I still continue to see today. PTSD has made it difficult to go out in public and CAL has certainly helped me with that.

This year CAL has provided gym equipment. It is difficult for my wife and I to go to a gym regularly with a new son at home as well as having his brother. Exercise is important to me for so many reasons. Exercise is so good for my health, both physical and mental.

It helps me deal with stress and anxiety. Also making and achieving fitness goals gives me something to strive towards. Having an organization like CAL focusing on fitness for vets is so needed. CAL stays in touch with texts and emails giving me motivation to continuing to reach my fitness goals and then set new ones. I have a picture of CPL Chris Coffland in my gym at home for motivation.

I can’t express my thanks enough for this organization. CAL is helping me to be there for my family for many years to come. CAL is improving the lives of veterans and their families. CAL is saving the lives of veterans who might succumb to the pressures of PTSD and post deployment issues. If you were thinking of giving to this worthwhile organization I would encourage you to do so.