The tragic attack on 9/11 personally affected many people of the Westport community. For you, it is now a part of your DNA.

After the attack, our military was called into action. Many of the men and women you have come to know and love through CAL answered that call to serve. Many still carry scars from that war.

Westport and CAL are a family unified by pain, but have turned that pain to purpose.

Join us for a night of family, friends, remembrance and a classic film. Special shout outs by Chief Foti, First Selectman Jim Marpe, Second Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker & many of your favorite Westport regulars.

About the Catch A Lift Fund

For over a decade the Catch A Lift Fund (CAL), a nationwide 501c3 non for profit, has led the charge in providing Veterans holistic methods of healing ALL injuries, mentally, physically and spiritually.

CAL promotes a healthy lifestyle focused on our core pillars: Nutrition, Fitness, Emotional Wellness & Community. Fellow Veteran leaders, mentors & coaches manage each individual’s needs taking into account injuries or obstacles.

Addiction, weight gain and depression are all common results of over-medicating and a lack of purpose. These are replaced by fostering a reliance on movement, renewed purpose and community. The results are astounding. Often cited by many Veterans, “Catch A Lift Fund has saved my life.”

To date CAL has funded 8600 wellness grants to thousands of Veterans and caregivers in our program.

Founded in Memory of Cpl. Christopher Coffland US ARMY KIA 11.13.2009 Afghanistan